Due Diligence

Protecting the Reputation and Integrity of the Buyers and Sellers
through a Multi-Layer Compliance Processes

Due Diligence for Sellers and Buyers
The global PPE supply chain is experiencing many challenges as a result of criminals who are exploi.ng high market demand for crucial personal protection and hygiene products.

To combat this issue, we are in the final stages of analysis of services and software with strong due diligence reporting capabilities. We will become users/clients of due diligence tools designed to provide high-level and detailed compliance information to our compliance team.

These tools will ensure our ability to comply with anti-bribery and corruption regulations, anti-money laundering and corruption regulations. We will be able to monitor our customers’ and suppliers’ reputations, criminal activities, financial crime and other irregularities across 40,000 intuitions and over 190 countries while searching for them in FBI, CIA, Interpol and similar agencies and organizations’ databases across the globe. We will do much more than standard Google and other public domain look-ups to protect the reputation of the buyers and sellers to avoid exposure to potential predators.

Compliance Team
To ensure professional, real time scrutiny of the individuals and organizations we do business with and to protect the integrity of our supply chain and partnerships, we will create a high quality process and internal team to monitor every transaction.

Our Compliance process will create internal oversight and management of our process and investment. While it will not be foolproof – due to the aggressive progression of criminal enterprise in the PPE space, it will be supported by the international agencies entrusted with tools, personnel and practices to combat fraud and scams.

The Compliance Staff

  • Analyst
    – ensures receipt and accuracy of required documents, manages changes and additions, checks KYC and principals against online info and blacklists.

  • Credit Specialist
    – determines past performance, incoming deal/offer poten.al, financial capability.

  • Supply Chain Liaison
    – matches available SOPs (procedures), product offerings, payment methods. Ensures scheduling of all external partner ac.vi.es such as, inspections, logistics, etc.

Compliance Process

  1. Manual look-ups, comparisons, validations and analysis checking PPE Blacklist, online criminal info, etc

  2. Compliance system multiple international database searches and analyses.

  3. Multi-level, international government and security agencies’ clearance reporting.

  4. Alignment of procedure with risk mitigation for each individual customer/transaction.


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