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What you need to know to sell online with COVID-19 Global Supplies (C19GS)

1) What does it mean to sell online with C19GS?
C19GS offers this online marketplace to individuals and companies of all sizes, helping them reach millions of customers, build their brands, and grow their business.

2) Who sells in the C19GS marketplace?
Our selling partners break down into two categories: vendors and sellers. A few quick definitions are in order:

• Sellers
Independent companies or individuals who sell their products in the C19GS marketplace. This relationship is considered “third-party,” since C19GS is not the seller of record—the seller is.

• Vendors
Companies invited into a retail relationship with C19GS. C19GS purchases their products and then sells them to customers. This relationship is considered “first-party,” since in this case C19GS is the seller of record. While an invitation from C19GS is required to be a vendor, anyone can be a third-party seller.

3) What types of products can someone sell in the C19GS marketplace?
C19GS offers products that keep healthcare workers and the public safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. These products include (but are not limited to) N95 masks, gloves, thermometers, test kits, protective clothing and more.

4) Who are C19GS’ customers?
C19GS serves nations, communities, hospitals, businesses, health systems and retailers.

5) What do sellers’ products look like to C19GS customers?
On the product detail page, customers will see the manufacturer, type, model number, description, images/video, certifications, quality test info, current availability, daily production capabilities, unit price estimates, packaging data and shipping information.

6) Where do C19GS sellers manage or operate their business?
My Account is where sellers log in to monitor their C19GS sales activity, including: orders, inventory, update pricing, communication with customers, contacting support, adding new products, editing personal information, and more.

7) How else can C19GS sellers merchandise and promote in the C19GS marketplace?
Using advertising, promotions, and deals, sellers can help increase sales, launch new products, generate reviews, clear inventory, boost product visibility and more.

• Promotions
Sellers can offer free shipping, percentage discounts, or buy-one-get-one promos on their products.

• Deals
Sellers can run flash sales to encourage people to take advantage of lowered prices.

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Reshape buying for your organization

• Quantity discounts
Enjoy great discounts from the most trusted brands.

• Fully vetted buyer and sellers
Buy and sell with confidence.

• Secure and confidential
Our online marketplace uses the most advanced technology today to keep your information safe.

COVID-19 GLOBAL SUPPLIES – The easiest, secure way to shop for quality PPE with the world’s most technologically advanced online marketplace.


Drive strategic operations

Lower Costs
Manage tail spend by consolidating suppliers into a single online marketplace.

Make smarter decisions
Get strategic insights from built-in analytics, powered by machine learning.

Maintain control
Enable organizational policies and preferences.


Buy from one, easy source

Save money
Buy in large quantities for the biggest savings.

Save time
Comparison shop relevant items in one convenient location.

Simplify buying
With our Order-to-Cash, Document and Logistic management tools, your experience is seamless.


Reduce procurement complexity

Increase visibility
Get control over non-contract purchases and set guidelines to adhere to policies.

Achieve spend goals
Easily find and source from diverse, credentialed businesses.

Comparison shop
Compare multiple offers to find the best price and meet sourcing requirements.

Lower total cost of purchasing
Get strategic with supplier optimization and reduce costs by accessing a wide array of sellers in one online marketplace.

Drive efficiencies
Make smarter buying decisions with sourcing insights through detailed data and analytics, across categories and a broad network of suppliers.

Purchase with confidence
Make the purchases you need while driving adherence to organizational policies and preferences—helping you maintain compliance and control.

C19GS is built for the unique needs of your enterprise.
Procurement leaders are digitally transforming and need new ways to create value in the form of cost savings through the modernization of processes. We’re ready to help you drive real results with innovative solutions.

Get real-time data to make smarter budgeting and purchasing decisions with tools and custom reports to analyze spend data.

Selection & pricing
Access vast selection across categories, plus bulk and quantity discounts in one buyer experience.

Fully vetted buyers and sellers
Both our buyers and sellers are fully vetted so you can have complete confidence in your transaction.




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