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Covid-19 Global Supplies

In response to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic that is effecting individuals in every country in the world, COVID-19 Global Supplies was created to connect Suppliers of critical products with Purchasers and those in need. 

We serve nations, communities, hospitals, businesses, health systems and retailers so they are able to gain access to COVID-19 products such as masks, test kits, protective clothing, face shields, thermometers, gloves and more through a global online marketplace.

Benefits to Suppliers

• Free electronic catalog system 

• Global online storefront 

• Immediate access to Purchasers 

• Order-to-Cash process management 

• Document Management

 • Logistic Management  

Benefits to Purchasers

• Identify COVID-19 products 

• View product information and images

• View product certifications and test result

• Order –to-Delivery process management

• Document Management

• Logistic Management


• Product categories

• Manufacturers

• Types

• Models

• Descriptions

• Images/video

• Certifications

• Quality test info

• Current availability

• Daily production capabilities

• Unit price estimates

• Packaging data

• Shipping data 

• Buyer feedback (to come)


To Connect the World with Needed Supplies connects organizations in urgent need of bulk medical supplies to manufacturers and suppliers to expedite the acquisition of desperately-needed resources to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.


Revolutionizing the Standard of Clean

COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees. It’s forced us to change the way in which we
work, play and interact with others. It’s also forced us to redefine the meaning of “clean.”